Leading Change

Leading Your Organisation Through Change

with Dr. Karin Stumpf

In our 2-day training Leading Your Organisation Through Change you will be shown instruments and Best Practices, to help you lead your organization and your team through change. You will be provided with ideas, on how to motivate, inspire and lead your employees during major transitions.


You will be introduced to:
Leading Change – You will learn, why Change Management has become so important in today’s business environment.
Change Leader – After the training you will understand, which important role you play and which responsibilities you have in business transformations.
Resistance as an Important Emotion – You will be shown, what feelings your employees go through the change.
Individual Motivation – You will understand, how you can inspire and motivate your employees during transitions.
Change Management Methods – You will be introduced to different tools and methods, to guide your employees through change.
My Change-Leader-Profile – You will come out of the training with your own Change-Leader-Profile, which will help you identify topics for developments and define adequate activities.

Objectives of the Training

  • Understand, why Change Leadership is important and what it means for you as a leader
  • Identify, why employees resist change and how you can address resistance
  • Recognise, why you need different approaches to motivate your employees during transformations
  • Experience, how you become a stronger Change Leader


Introduction to the topic of Change Management

The 21st century – the century of change
Change and how it impacts your employees
Soft facts – Hard impacts: Why Change Management and Change Leadership is important

Change Leader – My role as manager and leader during transformations

The 5 facets of a Change Leader
My Change-Leader-Profile: Questionnaire and Assessment
My development goals – What do I want to focus on in the next two days?

Setting actions

The Case for Change and What’s In It For Me
Preparing the organizational transition

Being a role model

Be the Change You Want to See (in the world)
To must and to may: Empower your employees

Actively addressing resistance

Stakeholder Management – Understanding needs and fears
Understanding and differentiating the 3-level of resistance

Motivating employees

The difference between Hygiene Factors and Motivational Factors
Making the undesirable acceptable

Conscious communication

Giving and accepting feedback
Emotional vs. rational approach to communication
Actively addressing difficult situations


Reinforcing the learning
Priorities for the future development


Good change leadership helps you navigate your organization and team efficiently and effectively through major transformation as well as during daily change. These are leadership skills, that are crucial in today’s business world. You get the opportunity to discuss your own cases and challenges in a secure environment and to develop solutions based on Best Practices.

Your Benefits

  • Real life experience and examples
  • Small group size, full attention on your needs
  • Interactive design

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Karin Stumpf Vortragende

The lecturer of this seminar is Dr. Karin Stumpf. She has comprehensive and extensivepractical experience in change management based on 20 years of change consultancy. She has implemented major global transformations in medium and large companies. Karin is the founder and managing director of the change management consultancy Acrasio.


Our approach differs from others, as we prepare and customize our trainings to the participants‘ needs. You will receive a questionnaire two weeks prior to the start of training, where you can indicate which topics you are interested in. We will adapt the course to your needs and provide enough time to discuss your issues. This is how we ensure a high practical relevance for all, supporting the direct implementation of the learning after the course.
This training is relevant for C-Suite Executives, experienced managers, young professionals with first managerial experiences.

Number of participants: 5-10 people
Can also be booked as an In-House training.

* Should you be interested in other dates or places, let us know. We can bundle requests and will schedule a new event on a new date or new location for 5 people or more.

Dates for Leading Your Organisation Through Change

Termin / Date

Ort / Location

Investment / Budget


2 days
9.00 - 17.00 

nh Hotel

1.490.- €

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Leading Your Organisation Through Change

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Do you still have questions? Just give us a call:

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Or send a message to:


We will get back to you asap.

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